Financial Fundamentals: how to win the game

Looking to improve your financial literacy and take charge of your business finances? Start by taking a free e-learning course in basic financial management designed by BDC, Canada’s only bank devoted exclusively to entrepreneurs.

The online course Financial Fundamentals uses gamification and simulations to help bring your business through a number of concepts such as cash flow management, financial statements, understanding profitability, performance monitoring and raising external capital. In the game, you’ll make stops around town, visiting the library to gain financial management knowledge and the gym to practise what you’ve learned. Then, you’ll have an opportunity to help different entrepreneurs with their business challenges.

Why the course was launched

Visitor searches on BDC’s website indicate a real interest in the topic of financial management. As well, research and studies demonstrate a deep financial literacy gap that exists among Canadian entrepreneurs.

Make better business decisions

The game is a must for business owners who are curious to learn more about financial management. It offers the right mix of flexibility and development to help you improve your financial skills and knowledge and make sound decisions to guide your company’s growth.

“A solid grasp of basic financial management helps business owners make more informed decisions about their business. And yet, sadly, many entrepreneurs do not feel comfortable when it comes to discussing financial concepts.” Bill Ciprick, Senior Vice President, BDC Advisory Services

A second release in 2019

You can also expect to see a second phase of the course to be released in spring 2019, which will take an in-depth look at financial management and teach you how to prepare yourself before meeting with your banker.

Get in the game now and take your business finances to the next level!

January 23-24 2019
Place Bonaventure, Montréal