Expo Entrepreneurs 2018

The first edition of Expo Entrepreneurs in 2018 brought 6,000 participants together for two days of inspiration, connection, and solutions.




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will return in 2019


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Day 1

The start of a brand-new event experience

On its inaugural day, participants discovered the Expo Entrepreneurs experience. On the docket: inspiring conferences, collaborative workshops, a gala, and tons of meetings.


The grand opening

The Minister for Integrity of Public Procurement and Information Resources, Robert Poëti, participated in the event’s official opening. The launch panel, featuring Géraldine Martin, Sumitra Rajagopalan, and Patrick Perus, discussed the purpose of Expo Entrepreneurs via the theme “Why is it more important than ever to be an entrepreneur?”

The next generation of entrepreneurs

The co-founders of Adopt Inc., Nicolas Duvernois and Anne Marcotte, announced the 2018 cohort of “adopted” entrepreneurs in front of a 600-person audience. The entire cohort of 25 adoptees had the chance to enjoy high-level training, including a bootcamp at the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship, as well as workshops and other training.

Super-popular workshops

Participants had access to 65 workshops and labs over the course of our two-day event. The domes that hosted the bulk of our workshops were never without visitors! Attendees could join in on workshops like “Pitch techniques” and “Optimizing your network to develop your entrepreneurial venture.”

The art of finishing up a day in style

After an incredible day, our partners, experts, and participants continued to network over drinks during our gala. They had the chance to attend the grand finale of the Tournée Objectif Monde and enjoy a beer while listening to stories of entrepreneurial defeat during Montreal’s 7th edition of Fuckup Nights.

Day 2

On the way to EE19

Day two started off with a bang: the City of Montreal announced that it would be renewing its support for the 2019 edition of the event, inspiring us to create an EE19 experience that will be bigger and better than ever!


The City of Montreal supports Expo Entrepreneurs 2019!

Montreal mayor Valerie Plante paid a visit to Expo Entrepreneurs, meeting with public support organizations, exhibitors, and entrepreneurs on-site. She then took the stage to reiterate the importance of entrepreneurship, and announced that the City of Montreal would financially support the second edition of Expo Entrepreneurs.

Startups bringing innovative solutions to the table

During a special edition of QI_Connexion for Polycor, three entrepreneurs proposed their solutions for the company’s new marketing approach. The startups’ proposals piqued Polycor CEO Patrick Petrus’s interest, who is slated to contact the entrepreneurs about possible collaborations in the coming weeks.

Inspiration – there’s always more where that came from

Thanks to our innovative split-stage concept, we were able to provide a selection of 51 conferences throughout the event. These conferences were incredibly popular, and frequently hit maximum capacity. Spectators could toggle from one conference to the other using our headphone systems.

The Grand Finale, presented by Les Affaires

Expo Entrepreneurs said goodbye in style on January 25 with a finale presented by Les Affaires, during which Julie Cailliau presented the entrepreneurship white paper. Next up, the editor-in-chief of Les Affaires hosted the panel “How to build success” alongside Nicolas Duvernois, Elizabeth Stefanka, and Simon de Baene.