Our commitment to fight climate change

Expo Entrepreneurs’ promise

Between the climate march and the rise of second-hand and zero waste shops, ecology is a topic on everyone’s lips. Did you know that 87.9% of Quebecers believe that businesses should be leading the charge when it comes to changing our consumption habits? We have a duty, and the power, to do our part. Since this is set to be a major challenge both today and in the years to come, the core theme of Expo Entrepreneurs’ 3rd edition – and future editions – will be:

“Sustainable development, ecology, and the fight against climate change.”

Coming up at EE20

In order to collectively reflect on our future, EE20 is offering a number of conferences, panels, and workshops to inspire your inner optimist! For a sneak peek of the event, here are the flagship conferences that will address environmental issues in entrepreneurship:

  • The circular economy, by David Coté;
  • Integrating concepts of social and environmental impact into your business and strategic reflections, by Christian Bélair;
  • Running a business with a clean supply chain, by our founding partner Polycor;
  • Contributing to the invention of a new economy, by Jasmin Roy.

Check out the Programming section to learn more.

What is eco-design?

It is a method of creating a good or service while taking environmental impact into account throughout the production line, from design to delivery. Since sustainable development, ecology, and the fight against climate change are major challenges for both our present and future, EE20 will be as eco-designed as possible to limit its ecological footprint. Since organizing an event is usually quite polluting, it was important to us to take concrete and measurable steps as of this year

Now it’s your turn!

When it comes to entrepreneurship, reflecting and acting in an eco-friendly manner is often seen as costly and limiting. In reality, it’s an opportunity to implement an innovative business model and create value for your organization. 75% of Quebecers say they are ready to pay more for products and services if it’s being sold by a socially responsible company – amazing! 

What about you? What’s your environmentally friendly initiative?