The experience

Welcome to Expo Entrepreneurs, the large-scale gathering of entrepreneurs from all across Quebec.

Our goal is to connect today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with their supporters so they can bring ahead their business projects. Find out how!

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An Inspiring Stage

Our central stage will host nearly fifty conferences, interviews, business panels and various creative presentations, many of them held simultaneously. You will be able to move from one presentation to the other through a system of headsets to catch the content you’re interested in and ensure you don’t miss out of any of our programming!

Discover our speakers

Immersive Workshops

Large geodesic domes (Place publique and Marché central) house five former spaces that have been transformed into labs or spaces for our partners.

Here, you will be invited to develop practical skills, acquire the essential tools to start or grow your business, and become acquainted with other entrepreneurs from all over Quebec.

The themes of the event

Innovative Itineraries

Let’s talk solutions! Seize every opportunity thanks to our 3 innovative itineraries. Choose the most suitable one for you to guide you throughout the Expo Entrepreneurs experience.

Solo itinerary

Be informed and inspired at your own pace.

Team itinerary :

Target your objectives and accelerate your project.

Business itinerary :

Maximize your company’s innovation, mobility and growth.


Advice clinics

Visit one of our 5 clinics and meet experts who will be able to answer any questions you may have and offer you personalized advice through individual interviews.

Current Areas of Specialty

  • Law
  • Insurance and Financing
  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Marketing
  • Digital Processing and Human Resources

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